The Parental Involvement Morning Nov 2016

Wow, what a fantastic morning it was! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that came to help. It was a roaring success.

Here are some photographs from the morning.

imgp1794 imgp1795 imgp1796 imgp1797 imgp1798 imgp1800 imgp1801

Look out for more information about the Junk Yard Jam finale coming to a classroom near you soon…


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Happy 60th Anniversary Redscope!

To celebrate Redscope School’s 60th anniversary the whole school dressed up in 50s clothes and took part in lots of fun activities.


One of the highlights of the day was the picnic on the school field. Luckily the weather stayed nice and we had time to play some classic 50s games.

Here are a few pictures from the day by Class 9.

IMGP1462        IMGP1463 IMGP1466    IMGP1475


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The South Yorkshire School Games Cross Country Finals

Here are two pictures from this year’s South Yorkshire School Games Cross Country Final. These four girls made it through three rounds to get to this final at Cannon Hall.

Well done!

cross country 2 cross country

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Class 9 at Castleton 12.4.16

Here are a selection of pictures from Class 9’s visit to Castleton. The children loved exploring the caves at Treak Cliff.

IMGP1382 IMGP1394

Smiley faces after reaching the top! The children asked lots of good questions inside the caves.

IMGP1405 IMGP1406

Don’t forget to pat the seven dwarfs for luck!

IMGP1412 IMGP1438

Outside the entrance to the cave.

IMGP1445 IMGP1447


What a fantastic day out!

Class 10’s pictures to follow…

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Ancient Egypt Finales


Year 4 brought their Ancient Egypt topic to a fantastic close with their museum days this week.

The children were Ancient Egypt experts and had great fun sharing their knowledge with parents.

Here are a few pictures from the finales.


IMGP1366         IMGP1369

Ebony was on hand to give out fun activities for all the family.


Mischa and Millie guided the parents around the tent of purification. “Please show respect..”


Here are a selection of our canopic jars.

IMGP1360 IMGP1363

Some children even dressed up for the occasion. Well done to Samantha and Evan.

More pictures to follow shortly. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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Sports Relief 2016

Year 4 took part in Sports Relief activities on Wednesday morning. The children had great fun. Thank you for all your donations.

IMGP1346 IMGP1347 IMGP1349 IMGP1352

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Christmas Time in Year 4

We have almost reached the end of the autumn term and what a fun term it has turned out to be!

The children have all been working very hard and deserved their Christmas party treats.

Here are have a few pictures from the Year 4 parties which were held on Wednesday.

IMGP1262 IMGP1263 IMGP1264 IMGP1265IMGP1283

We also had our own class finales.

Here are a few pictures from Class 9’s Junkyard Jam Finale. We hope that you enjoyed it.

IMGP1269 IMGP1270

Finally we have had a very special visitor in school today. He left us with lots of presents.

IMGP1274 IMGP1275


We hope that you have a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.

Remember to keep safe during the holidays and we look forward to seeing you all in January 2016.

Year 4 Staff

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Parental Involvement Morning

What a super morning!

Class 9 and 10 have been making instruments with a little help from our wonderful parents.

We tried hard to stick to our design ideas. We have made our instruments from all sorts of junk that we have laying around the house.

We will be using our instruments during our Junkyard Jam finale. More details will follow shortly…

IMGP1197 IMGP1198 IMGP1199 IMGP1200 IMGP1201 IMGP1202 IMGP1203 IMGP1204 IMGP1205

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Year 4 have been learning all about instructions.

In Tuesday’s lesson we followed lots of different instructions. We had to follow the instructions carefully to complete each activity. The children were particularly good at making origami cats as you can see from the pictures.

IMGP1148 IMGP1153

Here are some other instruction which the children had to follow.

IMGP1149 IMGP1152

In today’s lesson we have been following instructions on how to make speedy bird cakes. The children enjoyed getting their hands dirty and mixing up the ingredients. These bird cakes will attract robins, sparrows, starlings and blue tits.

Tomorrow the children will be writing their own instructions to tell other people how the speedy bird cakes are made.


IMGP1157 IMGP1159 IMGP1160


You can get lots of other exciting activities from the RSPB website.

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Clumber Park

It is a new school year and the children have already been very busy learning about animals and their habitats.

Our focus text is Colly’s Barn which has been an excellent stimulus for learning. We will be learning much more about British birds in the coming weeks and look forward to sharing our learning on this blog.

On Monday 14th September, Year 4 visited Clumber Park. The children fully engaged in the visit and were praised by the staff at Clumber Park for their excellent behaviour. The children learnt a great deal while they were there and the visit was enjoyed by all.

Several pictures and video clips were taken during the visit but we are yet to receive permission from some parents to post them on this site. Could you please check that planners have been signed so that you can keep up to date with your child’s learning on this blog.

Thank you for reading.

Year 4 staff

IMGP1076 IMGP1080 IMGP1081 IMGP1095

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