Year 4 have been learning all about instructions.

In Tuesday’s lesson we followed lots of different instructions. We had to follow the instructions carefully to complete each activity. The children were particularly good at making origami cats as you can see from the pictures.

IMGP1148 IMGP1153

Here are some other instruction which the children had to follow.

IMGP1149 IMGP1152

In today’s lesson we have been following instructions on how to make speedy bird cakes. The children enjoyed getting their hands dirty and mixing up the ingredients. These bird cakes will attract robins, sparrows, starlings and blue tits.

Tomorrow the children will be writing their own instructions to tell other people how the speedy bird cakes are made.


IMGP1157 IMGP1159 IMGP1160


You can get lots of other exciting activities from the RSPB website.

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