One Voice

On Wednesday 7th July some of the Year 4 and 5 children went to the One Voice singing event which was held at the New York Stadium.

Everyone had a wonderful time. Once again behaviour was exceptional. All staff commented on how well the children represented the school.


Did you spot our banner from the crowd?


 Everyone had a smile on their face from start to finish.

IMGP0949 Some of our favourite Disney characters also came to the event.   IMGP0935

Can you spot your parents?


Each year the event gets better and better!

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Year 4 Castleton Visit 11th June 2015

Year 4 went to Castleton on Thursday 11th June. The weather was perfect and we all had a wonderful time.

We visited Treak Cliff Cavern and saw lots of wonderful things inside. We learnt about Blue John and got to see stalactites and stalagmites.

After an enjoyable walk into town, we had our lunch and spent some time in the visitors centre.

We had lots of time to visit the gift shops and enjoy an ice cream in the sun.

The staff are very proud of all children who behaved exceptionally on the day. We hope that the children remember this visit for many years to come.

 IMGP0796 IMGP0798 IMGP0805 IMGP0813  IMGP0816 IMGP0818 IMGP0824 IMGP0829

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The 4th Cohort of Redscope demonstrate their formations…

Year 4 have been learning about Roman soldiers.

The Romans were very successful in battle because they had a strong army and good defences.

Today we have been practising the formations which the Roman army would have used.


Here is Class 9 preparing for battle.


Here is the Tortoise formation.

IMGP0787 Here is the Wedge formation.


Here is  the Orb formation.


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Year 4 Visit Clifton Park

On Wednesday, Year 4 visited Clifton Park Museum to learn more about the Romans in Britain. While we were there, we discovered that there had once been a Roman fort at Templeborough which is where Magna stands today. We got to handle real Roman artefacts and learnt about how things were made in Roman times.

We had a lovely day. Below are a selection of pictures. More will be added soon.


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A great end to Science Week 2015

Year 4 have been taking part in lots of exciting Science activities this week.

We have been learning all about the water cycle and learning lots of new scientific words. We have also been learning about solids, liquids and gases.

On Friday we went outside to look at the solar eclipse. Armed with colanders and eclipse viewers, the children were all set to watch this once in a life time event.


Unfortunatley the weather was not on our side and it was far too cloudy to view anything at all.




Here is Lily-Maye showing off her eclipse viewer. Lily-Maye made this at home using instructions on YouTube. This is excellent home learning. Well done.

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River Journey

The children in Year 4 have been learning about rivers. We have tried to present our learning in a fun and creative way.

We have worked collaboratively to produce a big piece of art to show off our learning. We have then written shape poems about the river’s journey.


Here is class 9 working together during their art lesson.


Here is a writing team, making the finishing touches to their poem.

IMGP0689IMGP0696 IMGP0695

Here are some Year 4 children presenting their finished piece.

Well done!

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Red Nose Day Fun in Year 4


Today the children have been taking part in Red Nose Day. Everyone has had lots of fun. Here are a selection of photographs from the day.

Well done to Lily and Holly who won prizes for their super efforts.



Can you guess who is behind the mask?

IMGP0690 IMGP0691

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Watch this space!

Miss Hipwell has been given a blog to update everyone about the fantastic learning that is taking place in the Year 4 classrooms.

Watch this space for exciting updates…

In the meantime here is a picture of one of our current Ancient Egypt displays. The children are very proud of what they have produced. There has been lots of home learning taking place and that is displayed too. Well done to everyone who took part in the home learning project!


IMGP0357  IMGP0692

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Welcome to our Y4 blog page.

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